Work Anniversary Gift Ideas 2023

Work Anniversary Gift Ideas 2022

Tenure-based award schemes add little value to the workplace, according to researchers, and only 58% of employees are aware that their company has it.

Another year with a fantastic team member is cause for celebration. Plaques, postcards, and paperweights are excellent incentives, but if you want to celebrate an employee’s work anniversary in a memorable way, you might want to get creative with their gift.

Unfortunately, many businesses overlook the significance and benefits of commemorating employees’ employment anniversaries.

What is the Need for Work Anniversary Gifts?

Whether they are a high-ranking executive or a dedicated front-desk staff member, showing appreciation for their years of service shows how much you value their contributions to the firm. As a business owner or manager, you must ensure that employees’ work anniversaries are recognised.

Gifts for the employee’s yearly work anniversary are the most effective approach to expressing appreciation. Anniversary presents can effectively convey the gratitude and sincerity of the recipient’s superior.

What Sort of Gifts Do You Give to Employees on Their Work Anniversary?

Pre-planned anniversary gifts make excellent employee gifts. For instance, company commonly offers work anniversary gift for the managers and employees during their first, third, fifth, and every five years of services. Work anniversary gifts can also become more valuable in terms of monetary value over time.

With time, work anniversary gifts have also gone through changes as well. Now it is not about giving employees a bonus or monetary reward, but it has become common to show an employee that the company cares for and respects them. This is why gifting experiences has become a new norm and is gaining massive popularity globally.

Experiential reward is providing an unforgettable experience in place of a material good. We offer several activities, such as:

  • Going on vacation
  • Seeing a musical concert
  • Going on a tour
  • Going to a sports event
  • Visiting a tourist destination
  • Going to a theme park

Our experiences let us gain wisdom and understanding. Memories are formed via life experiences, and relationships may also flourish via shared experiences. Nowadays, finding a gift experience that they would appreciate is easier.

Sing Experience

At Sing Experience, we promise to provide thoroughly researched, quality, and trust-providing experiences in Singapore. We are proud to have assembled a variety of options for you to choose from based on a customer-centric approach.

Our experiential rewards, incentives, and gifts can help you cultivate long-term loyalty. This is because, unlike traditional corporate gifts for employees (cash or gift cards), experiences are memorable, meaningful, and can be shared with others. Give your employees the experience they’ve always wanted to have, and they’ll never forget it.

As corporate gifts, gift certificates, watches, T-shirts, mugs, and other trinkets are overused. Instead of boring and impersonal corporate gifts, start giving out unforgettable adventures. You can strengthen bonds with your employees by using Sing Experience. Present your valuable employees with wonderful recollections. Hotels, vacation packages, and other experiences can be easily booked via our experiential reward catalogue. There are many 5-star hotels available for booking at steep discounts on our site.

Plenty of trips and excursions are available, and you may choose from over a hundred resorts. Offers of special pricing are also on the table.

Sing Experience’s Top 5 Best Work Anniversary Experience Gifting Ideas

Some of our favourite items that we think workers would like to receive on their work anniversary are listed below:

Gastronomy Experience

Gastronomy is no longer associated with the service industry, and an increasing number of people consider it an amazing experience gift. Gastronomic experience let those related to knowledge and science, into full immersion in an economy of experience. Sing Experience offers the best gastronomic experiences, including:

  • Dinner for two on-board
  • Dinner for Two: Elegant Italian Flair at Oso
  • Chocolate-Making Workshop
  • Wine Class Appreciation, Wine Secrets, and Much More

Spa and Massage Gifts

Prepare your employees for the holidays by treating them to a spa day. Sing Experience gift cards can be redeemed at any of the participating spas across the country.

Massage relieves both physical and emotional tension. Giving a massage gift card to your hardworking employees can make them feel better right away. You can extend your day of pampering by adding services like foot massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, AIS stretching, and many more.

You could also get them a spa service or massage as a gift, such as an active isolated stretching session for an athlete or a custom fusion massage to help them find harmony between their Chi and their energies. Sing Experience’s wellness and beauty gifts may include:

  • Therapeutic Body Massage
  • The Gift of Beauty: A Makeup Lesson
  • Couple Koyamaki Onsen Spa Retreat
  • The “Ultimate Do”: Hair and makeup at your location and more.

A Vacation Experience

Vacations are frequently viewed as a fruitful break from the monotony of the work environment, even by the most successful entrepreneurs. Despite this, employees are hesitant to take a much-needed and well-deserved break. This is where gifting vacation experiences comes in. Rewarding employees with vacation experiences boosts their morale, which will also result to an increased productivity at work. Travel experiences serve as a great motivator for employees and increase their productivity. Travel vouchers are appropriate rewards for team high performers as well as Long Service Awardees.

We offer a huge variety of vacation experience gifts, including:

  • Hotel & Resort
  • Singapore Unwind & Relax
  • Singapore Premium Hotels & Resorts
  • Singapore Luxury Hotels & Resorts
  • Singapore’s Ultimate Luxury Hotels & Resorts
  • Australia Hotel & Resort Stay
  • Europe Hotel & Resort Stay
  • USA Hotel & Resort Stay

Gift Vouchers as Experience Gifts

Companies can personalise work anniversary gifts by providing employees with a voucher for a meaningful purchase or activity. Using e-vouchers eliminates the need for waiting; the gift can be provided and used immediately. Simple, secure, reloadable vouchers give employees more spending power.

Vouchers are an excellent way to recognise employees’ achievements. No matter what the coupon is for—a specific item or a movie night—it will be a memorable prize. Our gift vouchers include the following:

  • $50 Gift Voucher
  • $100 Gift Voucher
  • $150 Gift Voucher
  • Gold Experience Gift Pack
  • Platinum Experience Gift Pack

Thrills and Challenges Experience Gifts

Your employees will adore a corporate thrill experience gift that provides amazing experiences beyond the ordinary. These are events catered to your employees. These experiences include driving, diving, eating, flying, playing, tailored racing, cycling, and business team training. Alternatively, they can also enjoy a relaxing sail or cruise with great entertainment.