Wine Discovery Investigation Game – Who Did It? Wine Edition


Perfect for friends, families, birthday parties, etc

“Who Did It? Wine Edition” is a Wine Discovery Journey through a ‘Crime investigation’

The participants will learn how to identify a wine through the 3 stages of analysis:

–   Visual Analysis

–   Olfactory Analysis

–   Taste Analysis

Doing so, they will be able to find the culprit for the death of a young winemaker. Our Wine expert will guide the participant in their discovery journey.


The Plot

Julien Chabrol, a young winemaker, is found dead in his wine cellar of the French countrysideIt looks like it was an accident, but the paramedics have asked Lieutenant Colombard to give the scene a look. Immediately, Lieutenant Colombard has serious doubts about the ‘accident theory’.

The Lieutenant catches sight of an open bottle of red wine. As he gets closer, he also notices a half-empty bottle of white wine on the floor.

These two bottles are crucial elements to shed light on how the young winemaker died.

Your team is in charge of the investigation, identify the wines, analyse the clues gathered during the police investigation.

Can you identify the wines?

Can you find the culprit?

The wine analysis combined with the police interrogation of the various suspects will allow the teams to identify the culprit.

It is fun and an exciting game but also team work and a learning experience.