Activities to do with friends or family in Singapore. Our game designers have created stimulating activities that combine fun with discovery.

We propose outdoor activities such as amazing race at Garden by the Bay or a Mystery Investigation in Chinatown. These are designed for families or group of friends.

A solution to have fun together in a beautiful setting, and even to develop new knowledge by learning about nature or Singapore history.

And you select when you do it.

We also propose virtual activities perfect to do while in hotel quarantine, stay home notice (SHN) or simply to connect with friends and family anywhere, even overseas (Singapore, Australia, Europe and anywhere in the world). . All you need is internet and a phone to have great time together and a lot of fun. Our games are based on different principles, escape game principles, treasure hunt, wine discovery and more. Great feedback received from participants during their Singapore quarantine, New Zealand quarantine, Taiwan quarantine, UK quarantine in particular.

Our games provide great opportunities to engage with others and stimulate your mind. You select when to play, the day and time, and best of all participants can be anywhere.