Recognize Your Top Talent with our Experiential Employee Rewards program create long lasting memories. Through it, offer meaningful experience for every employee and every occasion. Experiences create a bond between staff, managers and company stronger than a monetary gift of voucher. Our service provide flexible, personal and curated Reward certificates suitable for corporate reward and recognition programs.

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Exp Rewards

Experiential Rewards Recognition with Sing Experience

Employee rewards play a crucial role in fostering a productive workplace and sustaining high employee engagement over time. Managers can show appreciation for employees’ contributions to the company’s success by implementing a strategic points-based employee rewards program. Company awards are then transparent and motivating, the best for employee reward and recognition.

Some believe that monetary staff rewards are a good way to show appreciation for work that has been completed successfully. It’s certainly the traditional approach to recognising employees for their hard work, but monetary staff rewards usually fail to create a lasting impression.

Even if you can’t increase spending on employee wellness initiatives, you can still get the most out of the initiatives you’ve already put in place. Instead of giving employees the same old cash bonus or Starbucks card for caffeine-filled jolts, why not provide them with a variety of experiential staff appreciation gifts that may be used to unwind or pursue personal interests?

What are experiential rewards?

An experiential reward is designed to enhance the recipient’s experience in ways beyond simple monetary compensation. It creates an indelible impression of the business and the receiver by tapping into their emotions and providing them with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

When designing employee appreciation awards, it is essential to go above and beyond the recipient’s expectations. It allows them to participate in unique activities that they cannot find elsewhere.

When it comes to large cash bonuses, it’s easy to see how there’s a fine line between having no effect and wasting money. This is true if you’re trying to incentivize people to work harder. On the other hand, experiences can give employees a sense of purpose and significance.

Whether it’s a day at the spa, a day at an amusement park with the family, or just a dinner for two, an experiential day can give individuals access to doing something they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise, something they would have considered doing, or something they could well have done anyway, but for nothing. With the help of employee rewards programs, employees would be more motivated to do their best.

Experiential Rewards are the Best

Another advantage of experience gifts is their marketability. Vacations and free events are hot topics for social media posts. When they do, other employees will see the value of working harder to achieve the same levels of success. This action will generate positive publicity for your company, spreading the word that you are an employer who values its employees.

Creativity Distinguishes Your Staff Rewards

Taking your employees on a trip would be wonderful.  When deciding what kinds of experiences to offer, keep your brand, audience, and budget in mind.

Do you have the means to take them to a pottery class or a regional sports competition?

What about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for employees to dine with a high-ranking executive to celebrate a significant achievement? You may increase the effectiveness of your employee recognition programs by introducing new and exciting perks.

The Memory That Matters

Employees of any age benefit from the opportunity to make memories because it is the recollection of an experience that matters the most.

When we do something for the first time, encounter something thrilling, or witness something profound, we form a mental image of that event in our minds. What’s the most vital part, though? All of these memories can be traced back to that single experience.

The opportunity to create new memories is what motivates employees to work hard for a great company. These experiences are what people will go back on when they are contemplating a new chapter in their lives. Employees will bond over these shared experiences, which will, in turn, inspire others to work toward similar goals inside the organization.

What Employee Appreciation Rewards Can We Bring to Your Team?

Employees can be rewarded with a wide variety of unique experiences. Here at Sing Experience, we offer a with a wide variety of rewards that are sure to please any employee. Tickets to concerts and sporting events, aeroplane tickets, cruises, and hotel rooms, fall under this category.

Gift cards, hotel and resort stays, thrilling challenges, gastronomy, wellness, art and perfume, golf, the good life, gift vouchers, and other incentives are just a few examples of what you could include in an employee loyalty program to show appreciation for employees’ hard work. However, as the proportion of millennials in the workforce grows, there has been a corresponding shift in how much workers value experiences above material possessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the validity of the Reward certificate?
    • 12 months
  • Can the recipient select any experience?
    • Yes, the recipient selects her/his choice of experiential reward.
  • Can we personalize the certificate?
    • Yes, and it is free for purchase of more than 10 reward certificates


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