Chocolate Making Workshop


Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world. It is healthy and has the reputation of being the favorite of happy people. Unless chocolate has the power to make people happy?

Any chocolate lover wants to know more about his favorite food, and dreams of doing his own chocolate. What if they could turn that passion for chocolate into a skill?




Chocolate Making Workshop

The recipient attends a hands-on chocolate making workshop – an indulgent experience that will be remembered for.
It is run by one of Singapore’s only Chocolate Artisan in her charming studio – atelier of Dempsey Hill.
The experience is truly unique and incredibly fun.  Work side by side with the chef and her staff as they guide you in creating luxurious chocolate.

  • Frequency : The workshop takes place once per month.
  • Venue : Dempsey Hill
  • Duration : Estimated 2 hours
  • Next Event:
    • 6th July, 10am-12 noon


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