Gardens By The Bay Treasure Race – Instructions

Main Guidelines

  • Play Any Day Any Time (within 30 days recommended, 12 months max)
  • Expected Duration 90 mins – Once started you can finish anytime within the day (Yes, you can stop for refreshment)
  • Starting location – Anywhere, but most participants start from the main entrance (Golden Garden), it is not necessary
  • End location – Anywhere, you can decide by which location you wish to end
  • Challenge locations are represented by an icon on your Loquiz App. Challenges are activated automatically by GPS once reaching the location
  • Watch the video for instructions. Click here

When Ready to Start?

1- Install Loquiz application on your mobile device

You can use the free wifi available at Garden By The Bay (if you do not have mobile data access for instance)


2- Launch the game 

Enter Username: Enter Username sent by email

Password: Enter the code sent by email

3- Authorise access to:

Localisation, camera, notification, photo gallery,…

4- Enter Team Name, Members

Member list is optional