Bank Escape – The Shoppes @ MBS – Instructions

Main Guidelines

  • Play Any Day Any Time (within 30 days recommended, 12 months max)
  • Duration 90 mins – Once started you can finish anytime within the day (Yes, you can stop for refreshment)
  • Starting location – Anywhere within The Shoppes @ MBS. But a central location is a good idea
  • End location – The activity usually ends on the main level near the convention centre.
  • Hints – Hints are available. Be reasonable using them as the satisfaction comes from solving challenging  problems.
  • Safe and Vaults locations are represented by an icon on your Loquiz App. Challenges are activated automatically by GPS once reaching the location
  • Vaults are harder to open than safe. Some prefer to start with them so they better estimate when they must ‘exit’. Others prefer to start easy and build their confidence with Safe. You decide.
  • Watch the video for instructions. Click here

When Ready to Start?

1- Install Loquiz application on your mobile device


2- Launch the game 

Enter Username: Enter username sent by email

Password: Enter the code sent by email

If you have no mobile data access, start the activity from wifi. Once at location, you will not need mobile data.

3- Authorise access to:

Localisation, camera, notification, photo gallery,…

4- Enter Team Name, Members

Member list is optional