WakeBoarding in Singapore ( Testing )

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Water sports gifts are special gifts !

Wakeboarding in Singapore is easy and fun. It is fast becoming the most popular water sport in Singapore.

Wake boarding involves riding a wake board over the surface of water. It combines water skiing, snow boarding and surfing techniques, but is surprisingly easy to enjoy.

Water skiing remains people’s one of the favorite sea activity. The rider dons skis and is pulled by a motorboat. It can be technically complex, but once mastered, surprisingly diversified figures can be developed by the skier.

Wake skating is similar to wake boarding. The rider skates behind a boat on a specially designed board with no bindings, thus giving the sports its own set of unique challenges.

Wake surfing lets rider surf the boat’s wake without being directly attached to the boat.

Duration: 2 Hours per session

  • Price per boat, up to 6 max (4 recommended)
  • Driver / Instructor cost included.
  • Departure from Punggol Marina


Wakeboarding in Singapore: a Special gift, a lot of fun outdoor and at sea

Wakeboarding in Singapore is fun, sporty, and relaxing. While wakeboarding is the most popular watersport in Singapore, it is also possible to arrange: WaterSkiing, WakeSurfing or WakeSkating.

Wakeboarding can take place in a few designated areas of SIngapore, but by far the best is near Pulau Seletar in the north of Singapore. Wakeboarding requires some skills but progress is usually quite fast. It is a great outing for a group of friends or for family.

For beginners – Kneel-boarding, that is a board ridden in a kneeling stance while being towed behind a boat. It is a good way to gain confidence with water sport.

Here is a photo description of the entire water sports area.

Area designated for waterports

Location: Board Boat at Punggol Marina, activity in designated area near Pulau Seletar

Terms and Conditions:

  • Children should be accompanied by an Adult “guardian”.
  • Price includes rental of equipment (wakeboard, surf board, water ski).
  • Price per boat, up to 6 max (4 recommended)
  • Driver / Instructor cost included.

*Experience is valid for redemption, 6 months from date of purchase.

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