Animal Rescue – Virtual Escape


Perfect for friends, families (ages 12+) and participants in different locations

  • Use your phone (with proprietary app) and connect with friends anywhere in the world through zoom or any video conference system
  • $25 per device, which is good for 2 or 3 participants to share at same location (i.e. 2 users in Singapore sharing 1 device and 2 users in Sydney sharing 1 device only need 2 tickets)
  • Part of the revenue collected will be used to support efforts to fight animal trafficking.
  • 60 to 90 mins – Play anytime within 30 days of purchase


 The Story

  • You work for a police-backed organisation that fights animal trafficking.
  • You’ve received information about an international criminal syndicate.
  •  If possible, you must
    • Save the animals.
    • Capture the gangsters’ operational team red-handed.
    • Gather information from the syndicate’s lawyer and accountant.
    • Take the international gang leader into custody.
  •  It is an investigation. Time is running out!

The Procedure

  • Find the warehouse of an international criminal organisation that traffics in endangered animals. They will save the animals discovered.
  • Access the gang leader’s computer to gather information and locate the international gang leader, his accountant, and his lawyer.
  • Make a strategic choice:
    • Target and apprehend the International gang leader? However, because there is little evidence against him, he may face only a short prison sentence.
    • Target his accountant and lawyer first to gather more evidence, but you risk running out of time to apprehend the International gang leader.