Unlock It – Virtual Treasure Hunt


Perfect for friends, families (ages 10+) and participants in different locations

From the comfort of your computer, go on a virtual treasure hunt around the world. The technology adds to the excitement of one of the best team activities. Participants will also gain a better understanding of the technology’s potential. It’s entertaining, and the diversity of questions allows everyone to contribute!.

Can you overcome all the hurdles in time, recover the gold and outsmart “the Professor”?

Fun, interesting, and collaborative.

  • Use your phone (with proprietary app) and connect with friends anywhere in the world through zoom or any video conference system
  • $25 per device, which is good for 2 or 3 participants to share at same location (i.e. 2 users in Singapore sharing 1 device and 2 users in Sydney sharing 1 device only need 2 tickets)
  • 60 mins – Play anytime within 30 days of purchase


Activity Principles

  • Each ‘mission’ leads to a piece of the code required to open the safe.
  • To complete it, the participants need to assemble several pieces of information gathered during each of the mission.
  • Then with a paper and pen, they must identify what the information reveals. Or not…