Teenager Party – Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

Perfect for friends, families (ages 14+), birthday parties, etc

Most of us discovered Augmented Reality with Hollywood movies like Iron Man, Minority Report, Avatar… It is now moving to the real world and we use it to for a unique way to celebrate a teenager’s birthday party.

We propose a leading-edge version of the traditional “Treasure Hunt”. The technology provides more excitement to one of the best parties ever!

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Great activity for teenagers to bond and play with augmented reality.

It requires the participants to discover virtual objects and manipulate them. And also use observation and logic to overcome hurdles. It is particularly suited to those keen solving logical problems and interested by new technology.

We propose a leading-edge version of the traditional “Treasure Hunt”. The participants will also better appreciate the potential for this technology.

  • Activity available in pedestrian areas of Clarke Quay or in Sentosa.
  • Recommended for participants above 14 years old
  • Number of participants : minimum 6, no maximum limit