Tango classes / Salsa classes (for Two)

From SG$330.00

Tango and Salsa, two Latin dances with a very different and strong character but the adjectives to describe them can be the same:  sensual, sexy, beautiful, charming, athletic, fun,… depending on the dancers, their style and how they want to express themselves.

The price is for 13 classes, 1 hr per week.

Location: Bukit Merah



Tango classes / Salsa classes for Two

Basic Argentine Tango classes:  It is an emotional and elegant partner dance that tests the classic style and feel of a dancer in partner work.  One of the very interesting parts of the Argentine Tango is, that men and women do not dance the same part as in a mirror.  He can lead her in other elements, then he will dance himself and combines them to new combinations.

Salsa classes:  Learn to sweep her off her feet or charm him with your sexy moves to the hot rhythmic Latin beats; it’s sure to make your feet fly!

Dancing for any couple is a different experience each time.  But is above all the possibility to enjoy being together.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Heeled shoes are needed for partner dance for ladies
  • Shoes can be purchased at School at a reasonable price.

*Experience is valid for redemption, 12 months from date of purchase.