Searching for Valentina – Virtual Treasure Hunt


Perfect for friends, families (ages 10+) and participants in different locations

Your friend, Valentina has disappeared: Is she hiding? in danger? You must find her.

During her latest trips, she left clues about her whereabouts. You will travel successively to these different destinations to get the clues.

You have limited time to find her. A great adventure awaits you!

Fun, interesting, and collaborative.

  • Use your phone (with proprietary app) and connect with friends anywhere in the world through zoom or any video conference system
  • $25 per device, which is good for 2 or 3 participants to share at same location (i.e. 2 users in Singapore sharing 1 device and 2 users in Sydney sharing 1 device only need 2 tickets)
  • 60 mins – Play anytime within 30 days of purchase


A virtual treasure hunt across the globe, from the comfort of your computer.

Designed for remote teams to connect through an engaging game. The technology provides more excitement to one of the best team activity.

The participants will also better appreciate the potential for this technology.

It is fun, and the diversity of questions provides everyone an opportunity to contribute!