Raffles Mystery – Chinatown


Perfect for friends, families (ages 10+) 

An investigation set in the beautiful area of Telok Ayer, Amoy Street and Ann Siang Hill. The story is set in 1922. The Raffles Plan has been created 100 years earlier. And police discovered it has been stolen during a reception organised by the Governor of the Straits Settlements with the leaders of the different communities. You must find it and identify the thief. Enjoy Thian Hock Keng Temple, Nagore Durgha and other important historical landmarks.

Learn the history of Singapore and solve the investigation while having fun with friends and family.

Fun, interesting, and collaborative.

  • Use your phone (with proprietary app)
  • One device for 2 or 3 participants to share
  • Play any day, anytime
  • 90 mins estimated


The Story

YOU must solve a fictitious crime set in 1922, just after WWI and around 100 years after Raffles arrived in Singapore.

Sir Stamford Raffles arrived in Singapore 100 years ago and unveiled his development plan, the “Raffles Town Plan.

The Governor of the Straits Settlements wanted to rally Singapore around this significant anniversary. He invited the important figures of the time. The following day, he discovered that the “Raffles Town Plan” had been stolen. He summoned you and requested that you retrieve the plan.

He hands you a journal with a list of suspects to look into.

The scenario is fictitious, but it is based on historical events.

 The investigation consists of two steps.

  • Collecting clues: To unlock clues in Chinatown, Thian Hock Keng Temple, Nagore Durgha, and other important historical landmarks around Telok Ayer, teams must answer questions, solve puzzles and riddles, and take photos and videos.
  • Analyzing the evidence to identify the perpetrator: The difficulty of identifying the culprit is determined by the number of clues discovered by each team, emphasising the significance of the first step.

You can play any day and any time. You decide, you are in control. Just install our app and follow instructions.

  • Recommended starting point Telok Ayer Green between Telok Ayer St and Amoy St.
  • Recommended for participants above 10 years old
  • Suggested starting point Telok Ayer Green is located between Telok Ayer Street and Amoy Street.
  • There is no limit to the number of participants, and the duration is estimated to be 2 hours.

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