Perfume Creation – Personality Based Signature Scent

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Come as couple or bring a friend. Designed for someone keen to discover the art of perfume making (contact us for advanced workshops).  You will be introduced to the ‘perfume pyramid’ and ‘fragrance wheel’, along with other key concepts of fragrance making.  And at the end of the workshop, you will have created a perfume that suits your personality (or that of the person you created the perfume for).

Duration : 1.5 – 2 hours

What you will do in this workshop:

  • Perfume Personality Quiz
  • Blending
  • Re-blending
  • Watch the metamorphosis




Perfume Personality Quiz

We would request you to fill up a questionnaire so as to understand you better.  This will help us find your personality and match the oils.  This will help you familiarize with olfactory families.


We will suggest you some fragrance ingredients.  You are free to choose from our suggestions or any other to create your formula.


With your first formula ready, you would feel more confident to try other two.  Even though you might be satisfied with this one, we strongly encourage you to make two more.  In the end, you would get a chance to pick your favorite from all three.

Watch the metamorphosis

Now you get to pick your favorite scent to be sealed in an exquisite 105-ml crystal bottle, made to preserve the essence for long duration.

Scent is perhaps the most compelling aspect of our handmade perfume.  If you want to try your “nose” at creating your own blends for your perfume, it’s easy!  Whether you’re an experienced aromatherapist or new to scent blending, you can create your own complex scent blends that will make your perfume smell wonderful with a scent that is uniquely yours.

*Experience is valid for redemption, 12 months from date of purchase.

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