Kids Laser Tag Party

Kids Laser tag parties are becoming very popular because kids find them very exciting, and parents know it is also safe.  It is great for birthday parties and family gatherings.

Children will be happily immersed in this wholesome activity.

Best of all, there will be no fights and no one will get hurt!

Kids are organized in teams, and they compete in a friendly atmosphere.  There is a bit of a role play and most fundamentally a lot of fun.

  • Minimum of 16 pax.
  • Location: Flexible, parks, condominiums, residential places, offices, etc.
  • Age: From 4 years old as the player is able to hold our smallest handgun (0.5kg).
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Kids Laser Tag Party

Kids, boys but also girls have great fun during laser tag games.  It has become one of our most recommended activity.  Laser tag is a team sport or recreational activity where players attempt to score points by shooting infrared – sensitive targets, typically with a hand-held infrared – emitting targeting device.

It leverages the same infrared technology used in remote controls, making it a safe and harmless sport suitable for all ages.

Laser tag is like paintball without the paint and pain!

Kids Laser Tag Party will be surely enjoyed in every child’s birthday celebration!

It appeals to a wide range of age from young kids to teenagers (even adults).

It is sometimes used for “father / son” bonding activities as well.

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