USA Hotel & Resort Stay 1 Night for Two


Perfect Gift for Family member, Couple anniversary, Wedding gift, or simply to offer memorable time to someone dear.

1 night stay for 2 pax anywhere in the USA

  • Surprise someone with a hotel stay of their choice
  • 1 night stay at 3 to 5 stars hotel in USA or a different destination if desired (thousands of hotels and resorts worldwide).
  • Get 1 Certificate to offer 1 night stay.
  • Hotels category matching price gift certificate (special rates).
  • Hundreds of hotels & resort to select in USA (depending on date)
  • Recipient selects the date, selects the hotel, selects the experience among large range of options.



Incredible diversity

Every corner of USA offers unique experiences and landscapes bursting with colour, culture and natural beauty. We propose hotels and resorts in everyone of these corners, whether to enjoy

  • the Cities : New York, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas,..
  • the Getaways destinations: Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans,…

The recipient selects among hundreds of US hotels and resorts, at the date of their choice.

How it works:

  • Purchase this gift voucher and print at home or send digitally to selected recipient
  • Recipients select date and accommodation in USA or at any other available destination (thousands of hotels and resorts worldwide) of their choice.
  • Upon booking the recipient receive the confirmation details with stay details.

You have a Gift Certificate and want to Book your stay?

Click here to start your selection

  • How do I book a hotel or resort stay?  The gift voucher includes a unique code and web link to make the booking. Select the date and location to see the options available, then make the booking.
  • When I want to book, why do the hotels stay and packages available differ depending on the date? The gift has a certain value. Depending on the date selected, rates will vary opening different hotels, room categories and packages.
  • My Hotel & Resort Gift specifies a location. How to select a different one? The web link provided with the gift voucher to book your stay includes a default location, but it can be changed. You can book a different location seamlessly.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Can be exchanged for a different destination if desired.
  • Actual selection and package may depends on date selected for redemption.
  • Once a booking is done, it cannot be changed.

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