Escape Room – Singapore’s History

From SG$140.00

Perfect for friends, families (ages 10+), birthday parties, etc.

Immersive and interactive experience via the use of escape room technology designed for specially curated themes focusing on Singapore’s ancient history & culture.

You will assume the character of the lead protagonist (or in some themes – a detective) bringing you back to the respective era to unravel history in your journey.

This provides a fulfilling experience for participants to bond and to learn history in an engaging, entertaining & interactive environment. But it is also the most innovative Escape Room in singapore, with very creative and unique challenges (using lasers even!).

We propose the option of a ‘privatized room’, that means only your party is inside for the activity.


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7 Amazing Themes to Choose From!

  • Sang Nila Utama and the Lost Crown
  • Sister’s Islands
  • The Battle Of Bukit Chandu
  • Badang the Magnificent
  • Si Tanggang, The Ungrateful
  • The Naval Battle of Changi
  • Princess Radin Mas Ayu

Our conceptual theme brings together people from all walks of life to work together as a team. Participants will learn to:

  • Tap into each others; strength and combine forces to solve mysteries.
  • Explore and discover hidden clues to put the pieces of the puzzles together.
  • Enhance communication skills as games are built for all participants to interact with one another and break away from silos.
  • Provide opportunities for participants to showcase their leadership and teamwork skills.

Duration:  1 hour (for each story)