Classes: Baking and Pastries


Choose from different cooking classes each month!

Hands on classes in Singapore

Culinary school supported by a diverse community of professionally trained chefs & bakers. Great variety of cooking and baking classes. Classes cover a range of exotic cuisines from South East Asian all the way to Middle Eastern.

Duration: 3 to 4 Hours



Classes: Baking and Pastries

Regular classes cover a range of cuisines from South East Asian, India, Middle Eastern, Europe , such as  (subject to change):

  • Basic Breads
  • Italian Breads
  • Chinese Pastries
  • Classic Cakes
  • Iconic French Desserts
  • Gluten Free Bakes
  • Croissants
  • Dim Sum Classics
  • Curry Puffs
  • Egg Tart

Location: One North, Singapore

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