Bubble Soccer Kids Party

Bubble soccer is perfect for your child’s birthday party!

It is new, fun, safe and unique for a kids birthday celebration.

We provide the best package deal possible to suit your child’s party needs.


• Suitable for kids 7 years old and above

• Bubble Suits Kids Size: 1.2 M Diameter

• Max 20 kids for the birthday party package

• Duration: 1 Hour of game play

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Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer kids party is a fun, safe and exciting activity that brings children together.  It is about having a great time.  You do not need any prior soccer or sports related experience to enjoy.  It is all about smashing into each other, bouncing around and rolling across the grass in inflatable balls.

Each bubble suit is made of lightweight material and inflated with air, so they are light safe, and comfortable to wear on.  The suit is made out of durable material, which will absorb heavy impact well.  There are two straps inside the inner sphere for you to strap your body with for a secure fit, and there are two handles for you to hold on for additional safety.


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