Bank Escape – Singapore


An Escape Game played at The Shoppes @ MBS

Perfect for friends or families (ages 12+)

You have 90 minutes to collect as much loot as possible before police arrives. 3 safes, 3 vaults, fortune and adventures await…

Each team must decide which path to follow and when to end the heist posing a strategic dilemma :

  • Too cautious and you may not collect all the money possible
  • Too confident and you may finish in jail

You do not need to lock yourself in a room to do an escape game!

Venue:  The Shoppes@MBS


Activity Principles

  • The aim is to collect as much money as possible (Gold or $)
  • Must open different vaults, to collect gold and dollars.
  • Must decide which vault to target and when to exit the “Bank”.
  • It requires analytical skills and speed as well as good decision making.

Fun, interesting, and collaborative.

  • Use your phone (with proprietary app)
  • $29 per device, which is good for 2 or 3 participants to share at same location
  • 90 mins – Play anytime within 30 days of purchase
Game Area

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