Wine Class Appreciation & Wine Secrets


We provide a large selection of wine class and wine appreciation event.  They cover various aspects of wine tasting and appreciation.  The events are “commercial and snob free” but with a balance of friendly and studious atmosphere.

All events are designed and organized by 5-stars hotel Sommelier Stephanie Rigourd.

Discover everything about wines, appreciate the differences between new world and old world wines, between the various regions, the techniques and fundamentally the grapes varieties.

You will be introduced to the technic of wine tasting using sight, smell and taste to assess quality and different styles of wines. We will demystify terms like terroir, tannic, full bodied, legs,….

The questions that we will help you answer are :

  • How do we know how long can we keep or age a wine, when is it ready to drink?
  • How to pair wine and food?
  • How do the wines differ from region to region?
  • How do the grapes variety
  • How to taste and describe wine?

Duration: 2.5 Hours


Wine Class :  Uncover Wine Secrets

The program is developed and led by Stephanie Rigourd.

About Stephanie Rigourd

  • Sommelier of the Year – Asia by “The wandering Palate”
  • Sommelier in Michelin Star restaurant in France.
  • Graduated from the prestigious Wine School of Tain l’Hermitage in France.
  • Despite her young age, she visited the leading wine regions of the world from California, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and of course as one can expect, the various French Wines regions.

Wine Appreciation Class details:

  • During the class/tasting, light food will be provided (typically Cold Cuts, Canapés and Pizza).
  • Each event starts at 7.30 pm and finish at 9.30 pm (estimate)
  • Number of attendees : 20-30 maximum
  • Price : $115 per pax