Sole Blissful


The perfect gift for woman:  Blissful rest as we ease your pains in your feet, back, and neck with this intensive therapy session with the choice of Oriental or Flower Tea.

Session Includes:

  • Choice of Therapeutic /Classic Foot Bath (20 mins)
  • Traditional Neck , Shoulder & Back Therapy (30 mins) (concurrently to Foot bath)
  • Oriental Foot Therapy (60 mins)

Duration: 90 minutes


Sole Blissful

Perfectly nestled in Chinatown, along the mesmeric Temple Street is a cozy enclave featuring touches of ancient Oriental design.  Reds, browns and creams, are the theme colours, highlighted with interesting Chinese artifact and soft lighting ensures a soothing atmosphere.  The gift for woman she won’t forget!

Relaxing oriental jazz music and traditional Chinese instrumental classics, evocative of a bygone era serves as a soothing appeal to the ears.  Shapes, symbols and materials, characteristic of the Orient, set in the structures and in the décor, entice you into the Eastern theme of soothing and relaxation.  Warm up your body with a soothing foot bath served in a traditional wooden tub, ideal after a hard day’s work.

*Experience is valid for redemption, 6 months from date of purchase.