Dance Classes Singapore

From SG$158.00

Dancing can be an art, a way to express oneself, or simply way to have fun. In truth, it should always be enjoyable.

In our Dance classes Singapore, we propose a wide variety of dances for you to learn or improve including Tango, Salsa, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Belly Dancing or K-pop.

Duration: The price is for 13 classes, 1 hour per week.



Dance Classes Singapore

Location: Bukit Merah

Bollywood:  The film music and dances in Bollywood films uses formal and folk Indian traditional music and dance, with the infusion of western techniques that is sure to get your feet jumping, heart pumping and hips and shoulders shaking!

Basic Argentine Tango:  It is an emotional and elegant partner dance that tests the classic style and feel of a dancer in partner work.  A tango is a living act in the moment as it happens and relies heavily on improvisation.  One of the very interesting parts of the Argentine Tango is, that men and women do not dance the same part as in a mirror.  He can lead her in other elements, then he will dance himself and combines them to new combinations.

Salsa:  Changing partners in class allows you to make lots of friends while learning this funky and sexy dance. Learn to sleep her off her feet or charm him with your sexy moves to the hot rhythmic Latin beats; it’s sure to make your feet fly!

Belly Dance:  The exotic and sensual undulations of this middle eastern dance, coupled with the dazzling costumes makes Belly Dancing an exciting class to join.  Learn how to shake and shimmy with class and style while toning your abs, butt and hips!

KPOP:  The music is catchy with repetitive phrase and easily recognized dance steps to those part of the song. Kpop artistes dance mainly hip hop and can be identified by the use of Korean pop music and lots of large gestures accompanied by the use of the “bounce” in their steps.  Kpop dances are mostly simple, making it a popular dance among the young and the young at the heart.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Heeled shoes are needed for partner dance for ladies
  • Track shoe is not recommended as turning is required during dances.
  • Shoes can be purchased at School with a reasonable price.

*Experience is valid for redemption, 6 months from date of purchase.